Month: November 2017

Visit Around the World with the Peace of Mind by Availing Etihad Airways Offers

My son moved to Australia last year with his family as his firm gave him a transfer there. Though he was very persistent when was leaving for Melbourne that I accompany him too but I didn’t agree to his offer. I had my own house and friends around me which was quite difficult to leave at this age. He feared me living alone would be a problem as my husband passed away two years back and no such relatives were in the nearby. But I somehow convinced him and he left to join his new job in Australia.

This year he convinced me to visit them with letting me give any excuse by sending me the tickets booked by using Etihad Airways promo codes. I wanted to say no to his invitation but my grandchildren were now very much after me to visit them as their father has already visited me twice in the past year. Continue reading