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My son moved to Australia last year with his family as his firm gave him a transfer there. Though he was very persistent when was leaving for Melbourne that I accompany him too but I didn’t agree to his offer. I had my own house and friends around me which was quite difficult to leave at this age. He feared me living alone would be a problem as my husband passed away two years back and no such relatives were in the nearby. But I somehow convinced him and he left to join his new job in Australia.

This year he convinced me to visit them with letting me give any excuse by sending me the tickets booked by using Etihad Airways promo codes. I wanted to say no to his invitation but my grandchildren were now very much after me to visit them as their father has already visited me twice in the past year.

Emma and James were my grandchildren who were very dear to me and when they asked me to spend vacation with them so I had no reason left to say no to them.

I made all the arrangements for my stay at my son’s place for a month. I bought gifts for my son, daughter-in-law and my grandchildren which made me quite nostalgic as I was missing them too and this meeting would be an amazing one as I was sure of it.

The day when I was supposed to leave for Melbourne, I reached airport and saw one of the airport staff constantly guiding me where to go what to do and whereabouts of the procedures. I thought that maybe out of courtesy he was helping me out but later on he told me that it was a facility which was availed by the person who booked the flight, obviously my son. He knew that I was travelling for the first time and on that alone so he took help from the staff at the airport to guide me regarding everything I needed to know.

The plane staff was also very helpful and I thought my son asked them to do so as well but I found this out as well that the staff was serving with the same diligence. This was quite good to know that there are people who serve you right when you are miles above the ground. The trip though was a long one taking a whole day but the convenience didn’t let me think of it in that way.

After almost 26 hours or so I reached Melbourne without any signs of jetlag as the flight was quite comfortable one. My son and his family was there on the airport to receive me and to see them all after a long time made my eyes teary.

My trip was an excellent one as my son’s house was a luxurious one and on that the surrounding was an excellent one. My daughter-in-law, Sarah, took me to many places when my son was at work or didn’t get time to shown places to me. Kids were always by my side as they were quite excited to have me at their place.

Etihad Airways made me visit my loved ones by covering the distance with ease by providing the comfort to their customers. Now I’m relaxed and am ready to soon visit my children again and again without any complications.

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